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  1. Patient of Florida dentist vandalizes her family cars with racist slurs, police say
    A 33-year-old man has been charged with a hate crime for allegedly scrawling racist slurs on two vehicles belonging to his dentist's family in Florida, according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal.
  2. Louisiana dentists rebuild practice after hurricane causes $1M+ in damage
    Daniel Weaver, DDS, and Stephanie Weaver, DDS, a married couple who own a dental practice in Lake Charles, La., have been "overwhelmed" by community support as they recover their practice from hurricane-induced damage, according to ADA News.
  3. Silver diamine fluoride instead of fillings: 5 things to know
    Silver diamine fluoride, a liquid that can be applied to teeth to treat tooth decay, is gaining popularity as an alternative to fillings, according to The Washington Post.

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  1. Minnesota dentist dies at age 29 after hiking accident
    Daniel Allman, DDS, died after falling from a cliff in Minnesota over Labor Day weekend, according to his obituary in the Star Tribune.
  2. 7 dentists making headlines
    From Harvard School of Dental Medicine's new dean to a Los Angeles dentist warning patients against a teeth whitening trend that went viral on TikTok, here are the latest dentists making headlines.
  3. Applications open for the CDC's dental public health residency program
    The CDC's oral health division is seeking applicants for its 2021-2022 dental public health residency program.
  4. Dentists warn against viral TikTok teeth-whitening technique
    Dentists are warning patients about the potential risks associated with do-it-yourself teeth-whitening trends, according to Health.

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  1. 5 essential items for a modern dental practice, per Illinois dentist
    Illinois dentist Brian Homann, DDS, recently told the American Dental Association the five pieces of equipment he thinks all modern dental practices should have.
  2. The future of teledentistry & how to incorporate it into practices, per 2 dentists
    Though teledentistry use isn't as high as it was when the pandemic began, it will be a critical part of dentistry moving forward, two dentists told the American Dental Association.
  3. NYU dental students raise concerns about racism; prompt creation of task force
    In response to a newsletter about racism on campus, New York City-based NYU College of Dentistry developed a task force that aims to address such issues, according to student newspaper Washington Square News.
  4. Harvard dental school names new dean: 4 things to know
    William Giannobile, DDS, a key figure in periodontal research, became Boston-based Harvard School of Dental Medicine's dean Sept. 1.

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  1. Economic recovery for dentists leveling off, poll finds
    Dentistry's financial recovery following months of widespread office closures amid the early pandemic has plateaued, according to the American Dental Association's latest poll.
  2. Alabama Dental Board sues FTC over SmileDirectClub investigation
    The Alabama Dental Board has sued the Federal Trade Commission, seeking to halt the agency's investigation into whether it is violating antitrust laws by enforcing teledentistry restrictions against SmileDirectClub, Bloomberg Law reports.
  3. SmileDirectClub scraps $37M plans for manufacturing site in Texas
    SmileDirectClub has pulled the plug on a $37 million manufacturing plant in Kyle, Texas, that was expected to employ 850 people, according to the Austin American-Statesman.
  4. Dentists can suspend Social Security withholdings from employee paychecks through 2020
    Dental practices have the option to take part in the federal government's new payroll tax deferral plan that allows them to suspend Social Security withholdings from employee paychecks, the California Dental Association reported.
  5. 'Epidemic of cracked teeth': New York dentist sees rise in tooth cracks, fractures
    Since reopening in early June, Tammy Chen, DDS, has seen at least one patient with a tooth fracture every day, according to a New York Times article penned by the dentist.
  6. Former president of National Dental Association dies
    Cleveland dentist and community activist Eugene Jordan, DDS, who once served as the president of the National Dental Association, died Aug. 28 at age 83, according to local CBS affiliate WOIO.
  7. ADA pushes for early COVID-19 vaccine access for dentists
    The American Dental Association is advocating for dental professionals to receive early access to a COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available.
  8. 3 dentists making headlines
    Here's this week's roundup of dentists making headlines.
  9. ADA fights for dentists' inclusion as essential workers during public health emergencies
    The American Dental Association developed an interim policy asserting that dentistry is essential healthcare, and it will be considered as a resolution during the ADA's house of delegates meeting in October.

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