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Becker's Healthcare is the leading source of cutting-edge business and legal information for healthcare industry leaders.

Our portfolio includes five industry-leading trade publications:

  • Becker's Hospital Review
  • Becker's ASC Review
  • Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality
  • Becker's Spine Review
  • Becker's Dental Review

We take advantage of multiple channels to reach these industry leaders and decision-makers. To see the various offerings within our portfolio of products, as well as information on our company and its leadership, click on the categories below.









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Becker's Hospital Review. Becker's Hospital Review features up-to-date business and legal news and analysis relating to hospitals and health systems. Content is geared toward high-level hospital leaders (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CIOs, etc.), and we work to provide valuable content, including hospital and health system news, best practices and legal guidance specifically for these decision-makers. Each of the 12 annual issues of Becker's Hospital Review reaches a qualified audience of approximately 18,500 healthcare leaders.

Becker's ASC Review. Becker's ASC Review features general business, legal and clinical guidance on topics relevant to outpatient surgery including joint-ventures, development and expansion, and regulatory and compliance issues; as well as analysis and insight for specialties including bariatrics, orthopedics and spine, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, ENT and anesthesiology. Each of the nine annual issues of the publication reaches a qualified audience of more than 25,000 key ASC leaders, including surgeons, medical directors, directors of surgery and ASC administrators. Further, every ASC in the nation receives Becker's ASC Review.

Becker's Spine Review. Becker's Spine Review features news and analysis on business and legal issues relating to spine practices. Each issue of the quarterly publication reaches a qualified audience of approximately 12,500 key  spine practice decision-makers including surgeons and spine practice administrators.

Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality. Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality provides guidance and analysis on infection control, quality, patient safety and accreditation issues. Each issue of the bimonthly publication reaches a qualified audience of quality and patient safety leaders, including CMOs, CNOs, directors of nursing and other infection control, quality and patient safety specialists.



Becker's Hospital Review E-Weekly. This e-newsletter (sent Monday-Friday) provides a round-up of the most relevant business and legal news affecting hospitals and health systems. Each issue also includes links to Becker's Hospital Review's most popular feature articles from the past week, including popular "people to know" and "hospitals to know" lists.

Becker's Hospital CEO Report E-Weekly. This e-newsletter (sent Tuesdays and Thursdays) provides hospital and health system CEOs and administrators guidance and analysis on pressing issues within hospital and health system management. Each issue contains benchmarking data, the most popular feature articles on hospital management and operations, as well as coverage on best practices, regulatory issues and round-ups of CEO moves and profiles.

Becker's Hospital CFO Report E-Weekly. This e-newsletter (sent Monday-Friday) provides hospital and health system CFOs the latest financial statistics, news and guidance as it relates to the healthcare industry. Each issue provides links to feature articles on hospital operations and profits; capital expenditures and funding sources; coding, billing and claims; the conversion to ICD-10; Medicare and Medicaid recovery audit contractors; and payer news. The e-newsletter is also distributed to revenue cycle specialists, including directors of revenue cycle, revenue cycle managers, coders and billers and claims processors, among others.

Becker's Hospital CIO Report Report E-Weekly. This e-newsletter (sent Monday-Friday) offers hospital and health system CIOs and other health information technology and management leaders with news and guidance on pressing issues related to HIT/HIM, electronic medical records, meaningful use, privacy and security and more.

Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality E-Weekly. This e-newsletter (sent Monday-Thursday) provides guidance and news and analysis on quality, patient safety, infection control, accreditation, process improvement, reducing readmissions and more.

Becker's ASC Review E-Weekly. This e-newsletter (sent Monday-Friday) provides a round-up of the most relevant industry business and legal news affecting the outpatient surgery industry. Each issues provides links to both news and analysis as well as Becker's ASC Review's most popular feature articles, including popular "people to know" and "ASCs to know" lists.

Becker's Spine Review E-Weekly.
This e-newsletter (sent Monday-Friday) focuses on covering both inpatient and outpatient spine surgery trends. It regularly features columns with top spine surgeons as well as summaries of spine research, new devices, minimally invasive spine surgery techniques and general trends in spine care.

Becker's Orthopedic Review E-weekly. This e-newsletter (sent Monday-Friday) focuses on covering both inpatient and outpatient orthopedic surgery trends. It regularly features expertise from the industry as well as summaries of orthopedic research, new devices, orthopedic surgery techniques and general trends in orthopedic care.

Becker's GI & Endoscopy E-Weekly. This e-newsletter (sent Monday-Thursday) provides gastroenterologists and GI-driven ambulatory surgery center leaders a round-up of the most relevant news affecting the business and clinical spheres of GI. It regularly features insight from practicing gastroenterologists, as well as information on general trends in GI, new research and more.

Becker's Dental Review E-Weekly. This e-weekly newsletter (sent Monday-Thursday) provides dentists and oral surgeons with the latest in business and clinical news. It regularly features lists and articles on leaders in the field, new technology and more.



Becker's Hospital Review Annual Meeting
This exclusive meeting brings together hospital business and strategy leaders to discuss how to improve your hospital and its bottom line in these challenging but opportunity-filled times.  The best minds in the hospital field will disuses opportunities for hospitals and health systems, plus provide practical and immediately useful guidance on ACOs, physician-hospital integration, improving profitability and key specialties.

Becker's Annual ASC Conference
This exclusive conference brings together surgeons, administrators and ASC business and clinical leaders to discuss how to improve your ASC and the best steps for the future in this evolving industry. The best minds in the ASC field will discuss opportunities for ASCs plus provide practical and immediately useful guidance on how to bring in more cases; improve reimbursement; manage, reduce and benchmark costs; introduce new specialties; engineer a turnaround; work on joint-ventures with hospitals and much, much more.

Becker's Annual Spine, Orthopedic and Pain Management-Driven ASC Conference + The Future of Spine
This spine, orthopedic and pain management-focused ASC conference brings together surgeons, physician leaders, administrators and ASC business and clinical leaders to discuss how to improve your ASC's profitability and how to manage challenging clinical, business and financial issues.

Becker's Hospital Review Chief Executive Officer & Chief Information Officer Strategy Roundtables
The CIO and CEO Strategy Roundtables bring together the best minds in the hospital and health system fields as they discuss their biggest concerns and how they are addressing them.  The event offers two days of great sessions on strategy,leadership, ACOS, physician alignment, healthcare reform, improving profitability, the role of the CIO, social media, data analytics, mobile health, EMR issues and health IT issues.



Becker's Healthcare's Web sites include:,, and

These sites are a one-stop shop for information for healthcare leaders. The sites feature archived issues of our print publications, archived E-Weeklies, conference brochures, whitepapers authored by expert sources and breaking business and legal news relevant to the healthcare community. Each website also includes specialty channels, which provide more in-depth coverage into critical topics such as legal and regulatory issues, valuation, anesthesia, specialties and more. They are a key resource for healthcare leaders who want to have all that ASC Communications offers at their fingertips.



Becker's Healthcare hosts a number of webinars throughout the year for healthcare leaders and regard any number of business, regulatory and clinical issues. The flexible formats mean fresh content for attendees, who can join the educational sessions without leaving the comfort of their facilities.

A full list of Becker's Healthcare upcoming webinars is available here.



Becker's Hospital Review, Becker's ASC Review, Becker's Spine Review and Becker's Clinical Quality and Infection Control publish a number of lists of outstanding facilities and individuals throughout the year. These lists include the 100 Great Places to Work in Healthcare, the 100 Great Hospitals in America and the 30 Most Powerful People in Healthcare, as well as a variety of lists on outstanding physicians, healthcare leaders, hospitals and surgery centers.

Some lists include a nomination process, a period of time in which members of the healthcare community can nominate individuals or organizations for consideration. Those nomination processes are publicized through the E-Weekly newsletter of the appropriate publication. For example, the nomination process for Women Hospital & Healthcare Leaders is publicized through the Becker's Hospital Review E-Weekly newsletter, while the nomination process for Women to Know in the ASC Industry is publicized through the Becker's ASC Review e-weekly newsletter.

Other lists — for example, 100 Great Hospitals in America, 100 Great Community Hospitals and 30 Most Powerful People in Healthcare — are compiled through a lengthy research and review process. The editorial team starts a master list of facilities or individuals based on national rankings or original research. The lists compiled without a nomination process are essentially considered "lists of lists," which highlight institutions or individuals that are consistently lauded by other industry ranking companies.

Each list — both those with a nomination process and those without — is vetted through a panel of industry experts. These experts provide feedback on the chosen entries and note any oversights prior to publication. Each list is published on the appropriate publication website, and some lists are also included in the print publication.

To see a list of upcoming lists and to nominate a person or hospital, click here.



Becker Scott Head Shot

Scott Becker, JD, CPA

Mr. Becker is the publisher of Becker's Healthcare's portfolio of publications. As a partner at McGuireWoods in Chicago, he provides counsel to hospitals, ASCs, surgical hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, single- and multi-specialty medical practices and a variety of healthcare industry entrepreneurs. Mr. Becker received his JD from Harvard Law School and his BS in finance and accounting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Jessica Cole, President and CEO
Jessica Cole
President & CEO This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

As president & CEO, Jessica oversees strategic growth, business development and operations for Becker's Healthcare. She has more than ten years of sales, event and marketing experience in different roles. A native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she graduated from the University of Iowa with a BS in Marketing and Management. Jessica currently serves on volunteer boards for both Lurie Children's Hospital and Best Buddies Illinois in various leadership capacities.

Katie Atwood

Vice President, Operations

As Vice President of Operations and Events, Katie oversees the operations department with a core focus on client service. Her top priority is providing enhanced customer service and contributing to the growth of client organizations. Katie oversees company recruiting efforts and is responsible for contributing to ongoing company growth. She has served in a variety of business development roles throughout her time at Becker's Healthcare. Katie graduated with honors from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Advertising.


Molly Gamble
Editor in Chief, Becker's Hospital Review

Molly oversees the editorial direction of Becker's Hospital Review, including web content, print issues and E-weeklies. Molly earned a degree in journalism with a minor in interdisciplinary peace and justice from Marquette University in Milwaukee.

Laura Dyrda

Editor in Chief, Becker's Spine Review/Becker's ASC Review

Laura oversees the editorial direction of Becker's Spine Review, including web content, print editions and E-weeklies. She also has editorial responsibilities for Becker's ASC Review web content, print editions and E-Weeklies. Laura graduated with a BA in creative writing from Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., and has previous experience writing for the Galesburg Register-Mail.



Molly Gamble
Editor in Chief, Becker's Hospital Review
Twitter: @mollygamblehr

Laura Dyrda
Editor in Chief, Becker's ASC Review & Becker's Spine Review
Twitter: @LauraMiller19

Ayla Ellison, JD
Managing Editor
Finance, Legal & Regulatory, Transactions & Valuation Issues
Twitter: @bhr_ayla

Heather Punke
Managing Editor
Infection Control & Clinical Quality
Twitter: @hpunke_bhr

Emily Rappleye
Managing Editor
Healthcare Policy, Physician Affairs, Health System Governance and Board Relations
Twitter: @Emily_BHR

Tamara Rosin
Managing Editor
Strategy, Facility Management, Compensation, Leadership, Affiliations
Twitter: @TamaraRosin_BHR

Mary Rechtoris
Assistant Editor

Anuja Vaidya
Assistant Editor
Healthcare News & Workforce Issues
Twitter: @Anuja89

Megan Wood
Assistant Editor

Jessica Kim Cohen
Senior Writer/Reporter
HIT/Revenue Cycle

Kelly Gooch
Senior Writer/Reporter
Finance and Workforce Issues
Twitter: @kgoochBHR

Mackenzie Bean
Supply Chain
Twitter: @mackenzie_bhr

Mackenzie Garrity
Spine, Dental, ASC
Twitter: @MG_beckers 

Morgan Haefner
Payer Issues

Brooke Murphy
Revenue Cycle Management

Eric Oliver
ASC and GI

Alia Paavola
Revenue Cycle, Finance
Twitter: @paavola_beckers

Alyssa Rege
Transactions and Finance

Julie Spitzer
Health IT
Twitter: @juliespitzer94

Leo Vartorella
Leadership, Management, Policy

Brian Zimmerman
Infection control, clinical quality, opioids



Please contact Jessica Cole, President and CEO, for all advertising and other inquiries.


Linking Policy

Becker's Hospital Review promotes and encourages the linking to articles produced for its online publications. When reproducing any content, please adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Reproduce only the first paragraph of any article
  • Link to the original URL of the content
  • Recognize Becker's Hospital Review as the original producer of the content

Please refrain from reproducing Becker's Hospital Review content outside the intended context of the article or without acknowledgement to the publication that it originated from.

For hard-copy reprints of single articles or past issues, please contact Megan McCormack at


Submissions/Contributed Content

Becker's Hospital Review welcomes submissions on healthcare and hospital-related topics at any length for online publication. Our publication values thought leadership, individual perspectives and accounts, and open dialogue between industry stakeholders to create a robust and engaging experience for our readers.  

To submit a piece, please send the final version in .doc form to Scott Jones at 

We receive a large volume of submissions and do our best to review all in a timely manner. Please allow three business days for our team to review and/or publish the work. We cannot guarantee submissions will appear in print publications or our online newsletters.

We appreciate your cooperation with the following technical components of the submission process:

-    Please hyperlink all sources, only using footnotes when citing a print source.
-    We do not include headshots or stock photos.
-    Please attach any pictures, graphs, tables, etc., separately from the article in a .png or .jpeg format.
-    Please include a byline formatted as follows: Name, Title, Company. We are unable to hyperlink bylines.
-    Please include a 2-4 sentence bio ​at the end of the article about the author.
-    We are able to hyperlink a company in the byline.

Please consult our Contributing Author Guidelines before submitting.

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Disclaimer: ASC Communications' publishes a variety of favorable news pieces and lists featuring individual physicians, hospitals, medical practices and other healthcare providers. While ASC Communications often recognizes physicians and organizations for various reasons, ASC Communications does not endorse any individual's or organization's clinical abilities.

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