Dentists 'somewhat confident' in economic recovery of dentistry

More than 40 percent of dentists indicated they were "somewhat confident" in the economic recovery of their dental practices and the dental care sector as a whole, according to a recent poll by the American Dental Association Health Policy Institute. 

The poll was taken as part of the ADA's monthly "Economic Outlook and Emerging Issues in Dentistry" report for the week of March 13. The Health Policy Institute surveyed 1,049 dentists about their confidence in economic recovery over the next six months.

Here is how confident dentists are in the economic recovery of their dental practices, the dental care sector and the U.S. economy: 

Their dental practice

Very confident: 24.6 percent

Somewhat confident: 40.3 percent

Neither confident nor skeptical: 17.9 percent 

Somewhat skeptical: 13.8 percent

Very skeptical: 3.4 percent

The dental care sector

Very confident: 13.1 percent

Somewhat confident: 43.8 percent

Neither confident nor skeptical: 22 percent 

Somewhat skeptical: 17.3 percent

Very skeptical: 3.8 percent

The U.S. economy 

Very confident: 4.5 percent

Somewhat confident: 21.4 percent 

Neither confident nor skeptical: 17.8 percent 

Somewhat skeptical: 34.3 percent 

Very skeptical: 22 percent

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