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  1. Arizona dental board re-opens investigation into dentist who falsified credentials

    After a Valley, Ariz., dentist applied for a restricted permit to practice dentistry, the dental board decided to suspend the dentist's license and re-open an investigation, according to ABC15. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  2. How Pacific Dental Services is working to improve payment processes

    During a presentation at the 2019 Dentist Entrepreneur Organization's Summer Summit in June, Pacific Dental Services' Senior Vice President of Professional Partnerships Joe Feldsien discussed how his organization is leveraging technology to improve the payment processes. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  3. 5 dental companies making headlines

    Here's the latest roundup of dental companies that have been in the headlines. By Mackenzie Garrity -

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Hear lessons learned on healthcare ERP adoption at Bronson Health
  1. De novo growth shows no signs of slowing — 3 experts discuss DSO market trends

    De novo growth shows no signs of slowing — 3 experts discuss DSO market trends While solo private dental practices are diminishing in the U.S., dental service organizations are experiencing rapid growth and present a solid investment opportunity if managed properly.  By Alan Condon -
  2. Henry Schein acquires Italian dental practice management company

    Henry Schein has purchased Italian dental practice management software company Elite Computer Italia, according to a July 16 news release. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  3. Smile Brands CEO: Culture drives DSOs' business performance

    Dental service organizations looking to grow and improve business performance need to focus on company culture, according to Smile Brands CEO Steve Bilt. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  4. 15 top paying states for dental assistants

    The average hourly wage for certified dental assistants is $20.76, according to the 2018-19 Dental Assistants Salary and Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Dental Assisting National Board. By Mackenzie Garrity -

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  1. Washington state dentist left tool embedded in patient's mouth, health officials say

    Officials of the Washington Department of Health charged a local dentist in June with unprofessional conduct, according to The Chronicle. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  2. Dental Care Alliance welcomes Texas dental group

    Sarasota, Fla.-based Dental Care Alliance affiliated with a four-practice dental group in San Antonio. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  3. DSOs are investing in AI to lower costs

    Across the U.S., dental service organizations are pouring money into artificial intelligence in hopes of lowering costs, according to The Wall Street Journal. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  4. North Carolina Dental Society taps new vice president

    Thomas Morgan, DDS, has been named the vice president of the North Carolina Dental Society for 2020, according to By Mackenzie Garrity -
  1. Aflac acquires dental insurer, relocates dental headquarters to Florida

    Aflac entered a definitive agreement to acquire Argus Holdings and its subsidiary Argus Dental & Vision, according to a July 12 news release. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  2. New Jersey health officials warn patients at dental practice of measles exposure

    The New Jersey Health Department issued a warning July 10 of a possible measles exposure in the Ocean County area, according to ABC7. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  3. California to provide $10.5M to reimburse dentists' student loans

    Dentists in California can apply to have their student loans reimbursed if they meet certain criteria, according to the California Dental Association. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  4. 6 dentists making headlines

    Here's the latest roundup of dentists making headlines. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  5. Increasing number of women becoming dentists

    More women are entering the dental field compared to past years, according to a study conducted by the American Dental Association and the University of Albany (N.Y.) Center for Health Workforce Studies. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  6. Private equity firm invests in dental lab: 3 notes

    Private equity firm O2 Investment Partners has purchased a stake in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.-based Frontier Dental Laboratories. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  7. Dental hygienist salary tops $57K — 6 other community college degree jobs paying $50K+

    Many community college career paths can lead graduates to earn more than $50,000 a year, including studying to become a dental hygienist. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  8. Washington dental clinic locked out of computers after malware attack

    A Longview, Wash.-based dental clinic was locked out its computer systems on July 3 after a malicious software attack, according to By Mackenzie Garrity -
  9. New Jersey appoints dental director after 30 years

    New Jersey has selected Darwin Hayes, DDS, to serve as its state dental director after leaving the position vacant for 30 years, according to NJ Spotlight. By Mackenzie Garrity -

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