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  1. Nevada Dental Association to move headquarters
    The Nevada Dental Association is moving its offices from Las Vegas to Carson City, according to Northern Nevada Business Weekly.
  2. California dental practices must allow staff time to vote on Election Day
    California law requires employers to provide up to two hours of paid time off to staff who do not have the time to vote outside of work, according to the California Dental Association.
  3. 7 viewpoints on teledentistry advantages, disadvantages
    The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of teledentistry, but challenges from insurance companies, lawmakers and traditionally-minded dentists have hindered its widespread adoption, according to an Oct. 21 report from Kaiser Health News.

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  1. Former Colgate exec dies, remembered as 'pioneer in preventative dental care'
    Anthony Volpe, DDS, Colgate's vice president of scientific affairs until 2013, died Oct. 8, reports the American Dental Association.
  2. States tell Congress they need $8.4B for COVID-19 vaccine efforts
    States are asking Congress for at least $8.4 billion to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine, according to The Hill.
  3. How the pandemic forced a Philadelphia dentist out of the industry
    The COVID-19 pandemic forced one dentist — and countless other women — out of her job, Cassie Gafford, DMD, told NPR.
  4. Oral-B teams up with Mario Lopez, more to launch $1M oral health initiative
    Oral-B has joined nonprofit Dental Lifeline Network in an initiative to improve the oral health of underserved communities, the company announced Oct. 20.

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  1. Arizona dentist sees uptick in 'corona cavities'
    An Arizona dentist is seeing a rise in cavities, citing the COVID-19 pandemic delaying routine appointments, reports ABC affiliate KGUN-TV.
  2. Dentists warn TikTok users super gluing vampire fangs to teeth of potential dangers
    Dentists are warning TikTok users about another do-it-yourself trend, this time saying they should avoid affixing vampire fangs to their teeth with super glue, Insider reported.
  3. New ADA president begins term
    Daniel Klemmedson, DDS, MD, took over as the American Dental Association's new president Oct. 19, succeeding Chad Gehani, DDS, and becoming the organization's 157th president.
  4. ADA names new president-elect, 2nd VP
    The American Dental Association's House of Delegates determined its president-elect and second vice president Oct. 19.
  1. 'Sick and tired' of discrimination in community, Tennessee dentist runs for mayor
    Elenora Woods, DDS, entered the 2021 race for mayor of Chattanooga, Tenn., reports the Chattanooga Times Free Press.
  2. Pandemic leaves 4,000 Boston public school students without dental care
    Nearly 4,000 Boston children have lost their access to dental care due to public schools' pandemic-induced suspension of dental programs for students who may not otherwise receive services, The Boston Globe reported.
  3. 'Our profession is changing': ADA president looks back on 2020
    Chad Gehani, DDS, addressed the American Dental Association's House of Delegates Oct. 15, reflecting on his year of service as ADA president.
  4. Dentists to raise fees, exit family practices as patient volume stagnates, experts predict
    Patients delaying dental care amid the pandemic will likely trigger increased patient fees, job cuts and fewer family practices, experts told USA Today.
  5. 3 DIY dental trends on TikTok that dentists have deemed dangerous
    Do-it-yourself dental trends have emerged on TikTok, the video-centric social media platform with more than 800 million active users worldwide, in recent weeks, but many dentists think the users posting these videos should stick to receiving their dental care from a professional.
  6. 6 dentists making headlines
    From a former American Dental Association vice president's passing to a Ohio dentist being indicted in the largest healthcare opioid and fraud case in the Department of Justice's history, here are the dentists making headlines this week.
  7. Study: Lack of dental care access leads to surplus of preventable ED visits, inefficient resource use
    Visits related to a preventable dental condition make up 1.5 to 2.5 percent of all emergency department visits in the U.S., costing taxpayers, hospitals and the government about $2 billion per year, a new study from College Station-based Texas A&M University reveals.
  8. CDA to assist dentists rolling out in-office COVID-19 testing
    Although point-of-care tests are not yet readily available for practice use, the California Dental Association is advocating for dentists to have testing capabilities.
  9. Teledentistry startup partners with service provider to expand care delivery
    Young teledentistry company The TeleDentists partnered with healthcare services provider FlexCare Digital Health Oct. 13 to offer its services to more employees.

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