12 new laws for California dentists in 2024

California dentists will be subject to several state laws going into effect in 2024. 

The California Dental Association summarized the 12 employment-related laws in an Oct. 26 post on its website. 

Here are the new laws going into effect in 2024: 

1. Senate Bill 616 allows California employees to take 40 hours of paid sick leave. 

2. A law going into effect Jan. 1 will prohibit employers from penalizing or discriminating against applicants or employees who use cannabis off the clock and off-site.

3. Senate Bill 700 will prohibit most employers from asking applicants about their prior use of cannabis as part of employment decisions.

4. An expansion of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits employers from declining an eligible employee’s request for leave for reproductive loss.

5. A new law will create a rebuttable presumption in favor of an employee’s claim if an employer retaliates against protected conduct within 90 days of a protected activity.

6. Noncompete agreements will be declared unlawful beginning Jan. 1. 

7. Senate Bill 365 will amend the state's Code of Civil Procedure to prevent trial court proceedings from being automatically stayed during a pending appeal of an order to dismiss or deny petitions to compel arbitration.

8. A new law will make all employment contracts with a restrictive covenant unenforceable.

9. Employers have until July 1 to establish and implement a workplace violence prevention plan. 

10. A document explaining basic labor rights must be given to minors seeking work permits beginning Aug. 1. 

11. Employers will be allowed to provide employees with information about the Earned Income Tax Credit and Unemployment Insurance Program by email through Jan. 1, 2029. This law applies to employees who opt into receiving electronic statements or materials in writing or electronically. 

12. The state's Small Employer Family Leave Mediation Program was extended through Jan. 1, 2025.

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