How this oral surgery partner group is outshining competition in patient satisfaction

Irving, Texas-based U.S. Oral Surgery Management's partner practices have reached a new milestone by consistently achieving a net promoter score of 80 or above.

Seven things to know: 

1. The net promoter score was created in part by management consulting firm Bain & Company to measure customer experience and predict business growth. 

2. Bain & Company considers an NPS above zero as "good," with anything above 50 categorized as "excellent' and above 80 as "world-class." 

3. The average NPS for the healthcare industry is 58, and the average score for healthcare providers is about 38, according to a June 21 news release.

4. The oral surgery-focused management services organization has 53 partner practices in 19 states, all of which have consistently received a high NPS.

5. The organization's partner practices send NPS surveys to every patient through software company Birdeye, which records the responses and calculates the NPS for each practice in real time.

6. The survey asks patients to rate their experience from zero to 10, with zero being the worst and 10 being the best. Respondents are separated into three categories — promoters, passives and detractors —  based on their ratings to demonstrate the level of  loyalty to the practice from each patient.

7. USOSM's NPS beats that of high-profile companies in other industries, including Amazon with an NPS of 73, Chick-fil-A with an NPS of 58, Apple with an NPS of 57 and Walmart with an NPS of 40.

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