• 1 DSO's new 'wow factor'
    Artificial intelligence has allowed one DSO to enhance the patient experience and increase treatment acceptance. 
  • Heartland Dental University: A Year of Learning, Leading, and Shaping the Future of Dentistry
    Heartland Dental knows the value of investing in development and has always provided supported doctors, their teams, and business and office professionals with continuing education opportunities. For over 25 years, we have recognized education’s crucial role in supported doctor satisfaction and in fostering the success of supported doctors and their teams in delivering exceptional patient care.
  • The factors holding dentistry back
    Many dentists agree that financial constraints and staffing challenges are keeping the dental industry from growing and progressing further. 
  • The role of mentorship in the new doctor journey
    As a newly minted dentist, transitioning from being in school to working at a practice can be intimidating. In addition to the clinical challenges of caring for patients with a variety of dental needs, you’re also navigating the ins and outs of a real office. You may have had leadership experiences in dental school, but those don’t necessarily translate to a busy office.
  • The state of dentistry in 3 words
    Challenging, competitive and growing are just some of the ways dentists and dental leaders are describing the current state of affairs in dentistry.
  • The biggest factors to consider when joining a DSO
    Whether to join a DSO or MSO is one of the most important decisions dentists will be faced with during their career, especially as consolidation increases in the industry. 
  • What the US needs to solve its dental workforce shortage
    As the dental industry deals with ongoing workforce shortages exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, many are looking for solutions to alleviate these challenges. 
  • This DSO's objective: a win-win situation
    Striking a deal that benefits all parties involved is the main objective of Cal Dental USA's operational model.
  • Industry pulse: The top trends 9 dental leaders are following
    The upcoming presidential election, focusing on mental health and the DSO consolidation market are three of the most important issues and trends that these nine dental leaders are facing heading into the second half of 2024. 
  • The lingering threat facing dentistry
    Workforce shortages and hiring challenges continue to be one of the biggest threats to the dental industry, according to Barry Lyon, DDS. 
  • Aspen Dental champions dental care accessibility with new Maryland practice
    Chicago-based Aspen Dental opened a practice in Annapolis, Md., June 20 to increase accessibility for patients in the state.
  • How 1 MSO plans to bounce back after a slower first half
    Despite experiencing a less active first half of the year than planned, U.S. Oral Surgery Management has big plans to expand its network later this year, including entering new states and recruiting more surgeons.
  • The influx shaking up the oral surgery field
    Oral surgery is seeing an increase in female providers entering the field, and one MSO is capitalizing on the trend. 
  • DSOs gear up for brighter economic outlook
    The DSO field is preparing for a more active second half of the year as executives look to a potentially more optimistic economy, according to Henry Moomaw, CFO at Irving, Texas-based U.S. Oral Surgery Management.
  • The risk more dentists are taking to improve clinical outcomes
    More dentists are shifting their perspectives and becoming more open to adopting artificial intelligence technology at their practices, according to VideaHealth CEO Florian Hillen. 
  • 'Dental health is more than a nice smile': What we heard in June
    This month, several dental industry leaders spoke with Becker's about the most pressing issues and trends in the field, including DSO consolidation, cybersecurity threats and medical-dental integration. 
  • The process behind Sage Dental's 'opportunistic' acquisition strategy
    There are a multitude of factors that go into a DSO's decision to add a new practice, whether it be an existing practice acquisition or the opening of a new de novo location.
  • Gen Z in dentistry – Tips for success in a changing workplace
    There are a few best practices dental practice owners should employ to best support the newest generation of dental professionals, according to Barry Lyon, DDS. 
  • The top ways dental schools will benefit from AI
    Dental AI companies and developers have become more prominent in the industry in the past months, changing the way that dental practices can operate.
  • Inside Sage Dental's Southeastern expansion blueprint
    Boca Raton, Fla.-based Sage Dental has started to widen its reach, recently announcing plans to open its first practices in Tennessee, driven by a regional expansion strategy.