The worst investment 4 dentists have made in 2023

Four dentists recently connected with Becker's to share what their worst investment has been so far in 2023.

Note: Responses were edited for clarity and length.

Question: What has been the worst dental investment you've made this year so far?

Hussam Askar, DDS. Alpha Dental (Providence, R.I.): Reflecting on my dental investments this year, the one that stands out as a less-than-optimal decision was my approach to continuing education courses. Regrettably, I didn't adequately assess the long term benefits of a few CE courses I enrolled in. In the future, I aim to use my time more efficiently and effectively, ultimately ensuring that every investment I make in my professional growth translates into tangible benefits for both my practice and the patients under my care.

Michelle Asselin, DDS. Fresno (Calif.) Dental Professionals: Not dreaming big enough. We moved to a new office five years ago, which was double the size of our previous office. We have now outgrown our new location. We are now faced with higher interest rates, inflated material cost and longer delivery times in construction and equipment in order to expand and service our patients. 

David Blanchard, DDS. Riverside Family Dental (Menomonee Falls, Wis.): The worst dental investments I've made are with marketing companies. Overpromise and underdeliver is the name of the game for these companies, and lots of them are less than honest. Be careful! 

Jordan Cooper, DDS. Cooper Family Dentistry (Jacksonville, Ark.): Local state dental association CE. When are we going to overhaul the current models?

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