Key patent issued for new dental ablation technology

The U.S. Patent Office recently issued a patent for a novel 3rd molar tooth bud ablation technology to TriAgenics, Inc. The Oregon-based oral health and development company is working to bring a 60-90 second treatment to market that will prevent wisdom teeth from forming

TriAgenics’ CEO, Leigh Colby, D.D.S., says this new soft-tissue ablation technology is the cornerstone behind the development of their Zero3 tooth bud ablation treatment. Zero3 is designed to stop the growth of 3rd molar tooth buds by applying low levels of CT-guided microwave energy to cells that form wisdom teeth. This new dental modality is based on microwave ablation techniques commonly used to remove cancerous tumors. 

“This new technology and our minimally invasive procedure represent the future of wisdom teeth management for dentists and their patients ages 7-11,” says Colby, who believes TriAgenics has a lock on the North American market through an IP position that includes 13 U.S. patents and a growing number of international patents.  

TriAgenics says efforts are now underway to generate additional investment, obtain FDA clearance, and bring this new treatment to market as soon as possible.

“We believe this patented technology will simplify the headache of 3rd molar management by preventing wisdom teeth from forming.” says Colby. “Based on results from our animal trials, we expect there will be no recovery time, no dry socket, and none of the pain compared to surgical removal. Long-term outcomes are expected to be far better than allowing troublesome wisdom teeth to ever form.”

TriAgenics’ latest research, published in The Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, demonstrates the precision of their patented technology. The organization’s fully-guided ablation treatment resulted in 100% success at preventing molar formation in live animal trials.

TriAgenics’ business model is similar to how Align Technology manufactures and delivers its clear braces. Dentists will send patient x-rays and prescriptions to TriAgenics for Zero3 TBA treatment. TriAgenics will then fabricate custom kits and ship them to dentists to perform the treatment using TriAgenics’ proprietary Zero3 technology.

The economic impact could be massive. Total expenditures associated with extracting wisdom teeth and correcting related problems is estimated to be worth nearly $5 billion in the U.S. alone. TriAgenics estimates its total addressable market to be greater than $2.5 billion annually when its Zero3 TBA treatment becomes available. 

The company has raised $7.5 million through Series A1 and A2 offerings and now plans to offer shares through fundraising company Start Engine. To learn more, visit

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