Premier Dental seals its place in the dental industry – CEO Julie Charlestein explains how

In a recent interview with Julie Charlestein, CEO of Premier Dental, a family company that develops dentistry products for all dental professionals, she looked back on her first year as CEO and the company's 104 year evolution.  

Question: How has Premier Dental evolved over the past 104 years?

Julie Charlestein: Evolution is the key word when describing how Premier Dental has developed over the past 104 years. You must evolve to stay in business successfully and with longevity. Premier Dental has focused on and continues to concentrate on targeted innovation, select partnerships, brand strength and human capital in order to stay relevant in the market. These fundamental elements have allowed us to grow over the years.

Q: Looking back, how has Premier Dental grown in your first year as CEO? What challenges have you faced and what tips do you have to new CEOs?

JC: I started at Premier Dental 15 years ago as a product manager. Working through the different roles of the organization during that period allowed me to ascend to the role of CEO with an understanding of the needed advancement and changes. During my first year, I have translated this company knowledge, coupled with my knowledge of the industry, into organizational change with a specific focus on process and strategy.

Every role has its challenges. Being the fourth generation leader of a family business has a unique set of issues. It is a gift partnered with a different kind of pressure. In terms of my own experiences as it may relate to other new CEOs, it is very important to pair listening with vision. It is key to ensure there is a balance of these two things in planning for both my role, and the future of the organization.

Q: Where do you see the dental industry heading? What does the future look like for Premier Dental?

JC: The dental industry is always dynamic as new technologies enter the field, dental delivery models change and industry consolidation occurs. Premier will continue to lead in innovation and capitalize on the desire for new products, technologies and efficiencies by the oral health professional around the world

Q: Premier Dental recently released BioCoat sealant; are there any other areas Premier Dental is interested in entering or wants to focus on?

JC: Biocoat with SmartCap is our latest product that we look forward to expanding. Not only does this sealant provide protection and solid adhesion, but it also contains our patented SmartCaps, allowing fluoride, calcium and phosphate to be released into the system. Not only that the capsules actually recharge every time a patient brushes his or her teeth with fluoridated toothpaste. 

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