5 key stats on total operating expenses for Portland dentists: Single-dentists' average operating expenses totaled $512.9k in 2013

Fluence published a report by Portland Area General Practices analyzing various operating expenses and other fees for dentists practicing in the Portland area.

Here are five key statistics to note:

1. For a single dentist, operating expenses totaled $512,870. Single dentists in the Portland area collected $891,139 in fees, on average.

2. For multiple-dentist practices, average fees hit nearly $1.81 million in 2013, with operating expenses of $942,915.

3. Multiple dentists in the area had a take-home income of $868,274 while single dentists had an average take-home income of $378,269.

4. Single dentists' staff costs totaled $158,000 in 2013, while multiple-dentist practices paid $302,228 in staff costs.

5. In 2013, a single dentist in the Portland area had billing costs totaling $9,869. Comparatively, multiple-dentist practices had billing costs of $16,889.

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