Why should a new grad join a DSO-Supported Practice?

Starting your career in dentistry marks the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and passion for oral health care. As you step into the professional realm, how and where you start your career will impact your future in dentistry.

One increasingly attractive option for newly graduating dentists is to join a Dental Support Organization (DSO) supported Practice. Practices supported by DSOs such as Dental Care Alliance (DCA) offer many advantages that will benefit you as begin your career.

1. Mentorship and Training

Fresh out of dental school, the transition from theory to practice may be overwhelming. Practices supported by DSOs often provide structured mentorship programs, allowing new dentists to learn from experienced professionals in the field. Mentor programs, like the one DCA supported practices offer for new grads, provide guidance to foster skill development, confidence, and a deeper understanding of clinical practices and patient management to support your growth into a well-rounded professional.

2. Focus on Patient Care

By handling administrative tasks and operational logistics, DSOs empower dentists to concentrate on what truly matters: patient care. DSOs, such as DCA, streamline processes and provide the support and resources needed to ensure efficient operations, leaving you with more time for patients while removing the burden of managing the business aspects of a practice.

3. Enhanced Professional Development Opportunities

Practices supported by DSOs often offer comprehensive continuing education programs and opportunities for skill enhancement. DCA’s spirit and commitment to continuous learning keeps dentists updated with the latest techniques, advancements, and best practices in the field. The exclusive learning opportunities you will gain from practices supported by DSOs like DCA will enrich your clinical abilities and open doors for career advancement within the organization.

4. Access to Advanced Technology and Resources

Amongst the notable advantages of DSOs is their ability to invest in cutting-edge technology and resources. For newly graduated dentists, this means joining a practice with access to state-of-the-art equipment, software, and training that is not always possible when starting in private practice. The exposure to advanced tools and technologies you will gain by working in a practice supported by a DSO, such as DCA, will enhance the quality of care you provide and facilitate your professional growth.

5. Financial Stability and Reduced Risk

Starting a private practice may involve considerable financial risk and administrative responsibilities. Joining a practice supported by a DSO, such as DCA, alleviates this burden by providing you with a stable income and benefits package from the outset. Moreover, the shared resources and collective bargaining power of a DSO can result in a practice achieving cost savings on supplies and services, positively impacting the bottom line.

6. Work-Life Balance

The demands of running a private practice can be intense, often encroaching on personal time. By handling your administrative duties, DSOs, such as DCA, can allow dentists to achieve a more ideal work-life balance. This balance allows you to focus on your career without sacrificing precious moments outside of work.

7. Networking and Collaboration

Within a DSO, dentists can collaborate with peers and specialists across a network of supported practices. DCA supported practices foster collaborative environments, knowledge-sharing, peer support, and provide the chance to learn from diverse experiences, enriching your professional journey.

8. Flexibility and Career Growth

Joining a DSO-supported practice offers diverse career path options up and around the organization. Dentists can explore roles in leadership, transition into owning a practice within the network or even open a new one, providing long-term flexibility and growth opportunities. DCA and its supported practices have industry-leading recruiting and employee engagement teams, ensuring you and your team are set up for long and successful dental careers.

In conclusion, while the traditional route of starting a private practice has its allure and is steeped in tradition, newly graduating dentists should consider the compelling advantages offered by practices supported by DSOs. These organizations provide a supportive environment, advanced resources, professional development opportunities, and a solid foundation to ensure you enjoy a long, successful, and fulfilling career in dentistry. By weighing these benefits against individual career aspirations, young dentists can make an informed decision that aligns with their goals and sets them on a path toward professional excellence.

About Dental Care Alliance

Established in 1991, by a dentist, DCA’s mission is to advance the practice of dentistry by partnering with and supporting dental professionals to create a lifetime of healthy smiles. DCA supports over 400 allied practices representing 150 brands and over 900 dentists across 23 states. DCA’s allied practices represent all dental specialties. Our team possesses the perfect blend of clinical and operational leadership so providers can focus on what matters most: their patients.


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