Younger dentists are more likely to affiliate with a DSO

Dentists who have been out of dental school for 10 years or fewer are more likely to be affiliated with a DSO, according to data from the American Dental Association's Health Policy Institute. 

Thirteen percent of all U.S. dentists are affiliated with a DSO, according to the data, which reflects 2022 information. 

Dentists were divided into three different career stages: up to 10 years out of dental school, 11 to 25 years out of dental school and more than 25 years out of dental school. Twenty-three percent of dentists who were up to 10 years out of dental school were affiliated with DSOs, compared with 11 percent and 7 percent, respectively, in the other two categories.  

In Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas, more than 30 percent of younger dentists are DSO-affiliated. 

Here are the percentages of dentists affiliated with a DSO who have been out of dental school for 10 years or fewer:

Alaska: 3 percent

Alabama: 17 percent

Arkansas: 26 percent

Arizona: 31 percent

California: 22 percent

Colorado: 27 percent

Connecticut: 21 percent

Delaware: 6 percent

Florida: 32 percent

Georgia: 30 percent

Hawaii: 5 percent

Iowa: 11 percent

Idaho: 8 percent

Illinois: 23 percent

Indiana: 21 percent

Kansas: 16 percent

Kentucky: 17 percent

Louisiana: 13 percent

Massachusetts: 21 percent

Maryland: 19 percent

Maine: 6 percent

Michigan: 22 percent

Minnesota: 14 percent

Missouri: 21 percent

Mississippi: 24 percent

Montana: 6 percent

North Carolina: 19 percent

North Dakota: 6 percent

Nebraska: 11 percent

New Hampshire: 23 percent

New Jersey: 18 percent

New Mexico: 31 percent

Nevada: 37 percent

New York: 10 percent

Ohio: 15 percent

Oklahoma: 29 percent

Oregon: 14 percent

Pennsylvania: 21 percent

Rhode Island: 8 percent

South Carolina: 26 percent

South Dakota: 4 percent

Tennessee: 23 percent

Texas: 32 percent

Utah: 13 percent

Virginia: 20 percent

Vermont: 8 percent

Washington: 17 percent

Washington, D.C.: 15 percent

Wisconsin: 27 percent

West Virginia: 6 percent

Wyoming: 6 percent

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