More experienced dentists are less likely to partner with a DSO

Dentists who have been out of dental school for more than 25 years are less likely to be affiliated with a DSO, according to data from the American Dental Association's Health Policy Institute. 

Thirteen percent of all U.S. dentists are affiliated with a DSO, according to the data, which reflects 2022 information. 

Dentists were divided into three different career stages: up to 10 years out of dental school, 11 to 25 years out of dental school and more than 25 years out of dental school. Seven percent of dentists who have been out of dental school for more than 25 years were affiliated with DSOs, compared with 23 percent of newer dentists and 11 percent of mid-career dentists.  

There are no states where 20 percent or more of older dentists are DSO-affiliated. 

Here are the percentages of dentists affiliated with a DSO who have been out of dental school for more than 25 years:

Alaska: 1 percent

Alabama: 9 percent

Arkansas: 13 percent

Arizona: 12 percent

California: 4 percent

Colorado: 12 percent

Connecticut: 7 percent

Delaware: 6 percent

District of Columbia: 1 percent

Florida: 8 percent

Georgia: 15 percent

Hawaii: 2 percent

Iowa: 6 percent

Idaho: 2 percent

Illinois: 6 percent

Indiana: 8 percent

Kansas: 4 percent

Kentucky: 8 percent

Louisiana: 4 percent

Massachusetts: 6 percent

Maryland: 4 percent

Maine: 2 percent

Michigan: 5 percent

Minnesota: 7 percent

Missouri: 6 percent

Mississippi: 8 percent

Montana: 2 percent

North Carolina: 8 percent

North Dakota: 1 percent

Nebraska: 4 percent

Nevada: 10 percent

New Hampshire: 4 percent

New Jersey: 6 percent

New Mexico: 7 percent

New York: 5 percent

Ohio: 6 percent

Oklahoma: 9 percent

Oregon: 7 percent

Pennsylvania: 6 percent

Rhode Island: 1 percent

South Carolina: 10 percent

South Dakota: 1 percent

Tennessee: 9 percent

Texas: 10 percent

Utah: 6 percent

Virginia: 8 percent

Vermont: 3 percent

Washington: 6 percent

Wisconsin: 17 percent

West Virginia: 3 percent

Wyoming: 1 percent

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