The top reasons why new dentists change practice settings

Earnings are the top reason why new male dentists plan to change practice settings, while workplace culture is the most important reason for new female dentists, according to research from the American Dental Association's Health Policy Institute. 

The ADA surveyed dentists less than 10 years out of dental school to see how important certain attributes were when it comes to changing practice settings. 

Here is how important 11 categories were for new dentists:


Male dentists: 97%

Female dentists: 97%

Paid time off

Male dentists: 77%

Female dentists: 83%


Male dentists: 64%

Female dentists: 81%

Benefits package

Male dentists: 75%

Female dentists: 82%

Schedule flexibility

Male dentists: 87%

Female dentists: 95%

Clinical autonomy

Male dentists: 96%

Female dentists: 96%

Influence on business decisions

Male dentists: 73%

Female dentists: 66%

Balance of clinical and nonclinical duties

Male dentists: 74%

Female dentists: 72%

Career advancement opportunities

Male dentists: 80%

Female dentists: 80%

Continuing education opportunities

Male dentists: 71%

Female dentists: 86%

Workplace culture

Male dentists: 96%

Female dentists: 98%

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