16.9M people now disenrolled from Medicaid: 10 notes for dentists

About 16.9 million people have been disenrolled from Medicaid as of Feb. 13, according to data from KFF.

KFF has been tracking Medicaid enrollment since May 3 after the continuous enrollment requirement enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic ended March 31. The tracker uses information from state websites and CMS.

At least 8.6 million people had been disenrolled from Medicaid as of Oct. 11.

Here are 10 notes for dentists:

1. More than 94 million people were enrolled in Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program in March 2023.

2. The CareQuest Institute for Oral Health warned in April that more than 14 million adults who are on Medicaid could lose their dental coverage as part of the redetermination process.

3. More than 34 million people had their Medicaid coverage renewed. 

4. There are 42.8 million renewals remaining, KFF reported.

5. KFF found a wide variation in disenrollment rates across different states. For example, Arkansas has a 59% disenrollment rate, while Maine has a 13% rate.

6. Texas has disenrolled 2 million people so far, the most of any state.

7. Across all states with available data, 70% of all people disenrolled had their coverage terminated for procedural reasons, which can include people who did not complete the renewal process.

8. KFF said the high procedural disenrollment rates are concerning because many people disenrolled for these reasons may still be eligible for Medicaid coverage.

9. Some states have paused procedural terminations while they address issues in their renewal process.

10. Children accounted for about 39% of Medicaid disenrollments, but KFF noted that data on this is limited.

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