Next Generation Coverage Provides Patients Access to Care and Improves Group Performance

Expanding access to coverage for patients is integral to removing barriers to dental treatment. In fact, the key to group practice performance lies in consistent patient engagement driven by access to dental coverage. Patients with coverage via dental insurance, discount plans, or membership plans visit 2-3X more often and accept 2X more care than uncovered patients. 

However, given the limitations, exclusions and nuances of traditional coverage options, group practices often miss an opportunity to offer a simpler, more affordable treatment option that removes barriers to dental treatment while creating a more consistent, reliable revenue stream for the business. The key is to offer coverage that gives patients affordable access to care while increasing group practice performance.

Membership plans make necessary preventive and treatment services accessible to uninsured patients and add a recurring revenue component to practice profit models. To ensure that a membership plan is sustainable and providing consistent value, dentists and DSOs can benefit from partnering with a membership plan platform to best serve the needs of their patients and their office teams. Membership plan software and support services simplify the initiative and position your offices for measurable success.

Innovative patient coverage can transform case acceptance and revenue growth

Data validating the ROI of membership plan patients reveals that patients enrolled in a Kleer-powered plan purchase twice as much treatment as uninsured patients. Since Kleer membership plans include preventive care, patients: 

  • Complete 2-3X more hygiene reappointments than uninsured patients.
  • Naturally accept more treatment (75% of dental treatment comes directly from hygiene).
  • Generate nearly 3X more production and revenue than uncovered patients.

With traditional coverage options like dental insurance and discount plans, patients are stuck dealing with enrollment processes that often come with delays in benefits, meaning more roadblocks to receiving necessary treatment. A more innovative coverage solution powered by Kleer simplifies enrollment and provides immediate access to care. 

  • Patients can sign up in your office or from any device. 
  • Only a patient's name, phone number, email address, and payment method are required to enroll.
  • The sign-up process takes less than 2 minutes and benefits start immediately, increasing the speed at which your patients get coverage and can receive care.
  • Once enrolled, patients can review benefits, manage payments, add family members, and contact your office from the Kleer Patient Portal. 

Check out the following resource for additional insight: 
White Paper: Kleer's Dramatic Impact on Patient Behavior and Practice Results

Build a foundation for success with increased platform support

Achieving office buy-in for a dental membership plan and scaling it across multiple practices requires both a reliable software infrastructure and a support team to maintain engagement.

Kleer's award-winning Customer Success Team provides trustworthy expertise and guidance from working with thousands of dentists across the country. They work with dentists and dental services organizations to:

  • Create customized, price-optimized plans for each office to maximize patient interest and team engagement. 
  • Provide comprehensive training and support across locations throughout the life of your plan. 
  • Enhance practice performance with actionable insights to help guide the most important decisions – not just for your plan, but for your business. 

Reduce staff burden with software and automations designed for scale 

Organizations need their data to flow seamlessly across locations and systems as they grow. However, many membership plan solutions fail to address the fundamental challenge of aligning group practice needs with product capabilities. 

By utilizing the right membership platform, dental professionals and executive teams can achieve better visibility into their membership plan at scale. 

Platforms like Kleer provide enterprise solutions with location-level insights and a bird's eye view of all locations to monitor plan performance.

  • Easily manage your membership plan and add new locations as you grow. 
  • Automate key operational processes like payment processing, deposits, and renewals.
  • Integrate directly with practice management software to further improve plan management, tracking, and results.
    • Securely aggregate and analyze PMS and membership plan data.
    • Post subscription payments to PMS, autofill patient data during enrollment, and track membership plan benefits used and remaining.
    • Identify and engage patients that are a perfect fit for your membership plan.
    • Measure the impact Kleer is having on patient behavior and practice performance.

The following resources provide insight into Kleer’s proprietary PMS integration solution:
Press: Kleer Announces the Release of Kleer Intelligence™ 
White Paper: Kleer Intelligence, The Ultimate Membership Plan Solution

Improve Patient Care and Group Practice Results When You Launch a Kleer-powered Membership Plan

Membership plans connect dentists directly with patients — creating affordable access to dental care for millions of Americans. If you're ready to take the first step towards creating a membership plan or improving your existing one, you're in good hands.

Kleer's dental membership plan software enables group practices to quickly design, implement, and professionally manage a successful membership plan across locations. Over 300 groups and DSOs use Kleer's best-in-class platform, designed for scale and group practice success.

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