What did 2021 look like in the Staffing Crisis, and predictions into 2022

2021 – The Great Resignation + The Great Reshuffle

In 2021, both terms came to frequent use. They were phrases we hadn’t heard before. What was this about? Well, after a long 2020 with the pandemic, we expected people to start reentering the workforce and coming back to a full work schedule (kind of how were in 2019). Here’s what happened: people did return to the workforce, but they returned with a new set of expectations. What does that mean? Well, they knew that they had choices, and they were going to work where they wanted, how they wanted and on their own timeframe.

Employers experienced more turnover (resignations) than ever before. In a market where hiring has been so difficult, the employees have been reshuffling and resigning

2022 – Forecast

Pulling out my crystal ball, I can tell you that the trend from 2021 is easily leaking into 2022, things haven’t yet changed! We’re in an ever-evolving situation, where the employees are calling the shots (and rightfully so!). Employers need to understand and come to terms with this, we are in a candidate driven market, so any employer needs to know that if they are hiring, they need to rethink their compensation, benefits, and overall job and expectations to truly be up to date on current hiring trends. What are these hiring trends?

• Flexible schedules – allow full or part-time options and timings of work
• Set realistic expectations of the job from the get-go and be clear and concise when communicating this to the potential candidate
• Be creative with the compensation and benefits — you don’t need to break the bank account to make this happen
• Allow for the candidate to ask questions during the interview process, and show them what a great place it is to work
• RETENTION! Don’t forget to retain your new and existing hires, small things make a world of difference, things you can do every day to make the employee feel valued and their opinion is heard.

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