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  1. Drs. Pankaj Goyal, Ali Badkoobehi & more: 7 dentists making headlines

    Here are seven dentists making headlines. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  2. Biolase elects new CEO, promotes CFO: 5 insights

    Biolase named Todd Norbe its new CEO. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  3. Heartland Dental offers free oral health scans: 3 facts

    Effingham, Ill.-based Heartland Dental provided more than 220 community members free digital oral health scans, according to the Effingham Daily News. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  1. Smile Brands, Henry Schein & more: 5 dental companies making headlines

    Here are five dental companies making headlines. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  2. Massachusetts dentist arrested for using fellow dentist's name to file $218K in claims: 5 insights

    Quincy, Mass.-based Dazzling Smile dentist Shahrzad Haghayegh-Askarian, DMD, was charged with insurance fraud, according to The Patriot Ledger. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  3. Smile Brands enters into Nevada by partnering with 7-practice dental group: 5 takeaways

    Irvine, Calif.-based Smile Brands partnered with Las Vegas-based P3 Dental Group. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  4. Tennessee dentist admits to shooting girlfriend in his home: 5 things to know

    Bartlett, Tenn.-based dentist Bobby Massengill, DDS, was arrested for shooting and killing a woman who was living with him, according to By Mackenzie Garrity -
  1. Arizona dental board unanimously votes to allow arrested dentist to keep license: 5 insights

    Despite his arrest for forgery and fraudulent schemes, the Arizona Dental Board voted to allow Pankaj Goyal, DDS, to continue practicing, according to ABC 15. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  2. Henry Schein dental sales jump 8.4% to $1.6B in Q2: 5 things to know

    Henry Schein released its 2018 second quarter financial results. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  3. 4 California dentists charged with sexual assault

    California dentists Ali Badkoobehi, DDS, Saman Edalat, DDS, Sina Edalat, DDS, and Poria Edalat, DDS, were charged with sexually assaulting a woman in Las Vegas, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  4. Drs. Edward Hills, Michel Elyson & more: 7 dentists making headlines

    Here are seven dentists making headlines. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  1. 10-practice Virginia DSO affiliates with 10 new practices: 5 key notes

    Woodbridge, Va.-based Light Wave Dental Management welcomed 10 more practices. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  2. Solvay Dental 360 partners with CAD/CAM developer: 5 insights

    Solvay Dental 360's Ultaire AKP, a polymer for removable partial denture frames, was validated for milling in Ceramill Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing workflows through its recent partnership with Amann Girrbach. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  3. Los Angeles dentists now offering comprehensive dental exams for $49: 5 things to know

    Los Angeles-based Smiles LA is attracting new patients through a new promotion. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  4. Heartland Dental, Bankers Healthcare Group & more: 5 dental companies making headlines

    Here are five dental companies making headlines. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  5. Heartland Dental welcomes 8 new practices, bringing 2018 office total to 39

    Effingham, Ill.-based Heartland Dental continued its expansion efforts with eight new supported offices. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  6. Former COO, dental director & 3 dentists at Cleveland hospital found guilty in kickback scheme

    Cleveland-based MetroHealth Hospital System's former COO and Dental Director Edward Hills, DDS, as well as three MetroHealth dentists were found guilty of defrauding the hospital in an eight-year bribery and kickback scheme, according to By Mackenzie Garrity -
  7. Delta Dental implements incentivized insurance plans: 5 insights

    Delta Dental of Arizona rolled out six new dental insurance plans for individuals and families, according to AZ Big Media. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  8. Minnesota dentist illegally signs extensive opioid prescriptions: 5 things to know

    Jerry Brunsoman, DDS, is charged with funneling hundreds of opioid doses through illegal prescriptions to various patients, employees and family members, according to the Star Tribune. By Mackenzie Garrity -
  9. Private equity continues to funnel into dentistry — How are DSOs responding?

    The dental service organization continues to boom with the market estimated at $73 billion in 2017, according to Harris Williams & Co. As the market continues to expand, private equity firms are looking to get a piece of the action, according to Bloomberg. By Mackenzie Garrity -

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