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  1. Senate introduces bill to re-up CDC's oral health promotion activities
    A bill to reauthorize the oral health promotion and disease prevention activities of the CDC was introduced in the Senate.
  2. Community raises money for Louisiana dentist stabbed by alleged patient
    Community members have raised money to support a Louisiana dentist who was stabbed inside her dental office, reported Feb. 9. 
  3. DSOs could begin to merge amid economic challenges, 1 exec predicts
    DSOs and other management services organizations could start to merge as economic challenges continue into 2024, according to Richard Hall, CEO of Irving, Texas-based U.S. Oral Surgery Management. 

How a leading DSO quickly grew to $150M in revenue and improved patient outcomes

A first-of-its-kind DSO made $150M in annual revenue & increased valuation nearly 3,000% in its first few years (during COVID, no less). This case study tells you how.
  1. Active shooter false alarm prompts police presence at Oklahoma dental school
    The Oklahoma City Police Department confirmed they were given a false alarm of a possible active shooter at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in Oklahoma City, ABC affiliate KOCO News 5 reported Feb. 9. 
  2. MB2 Dental partners with 8 practices in 3 weeks
    Dallas-based MB2 Dental has added eight practices to its network since Jan. 19, according to its website.
  3. 4 dental companies receiving $430M in investments
    Here are four dental organizations and companies that have earned more than $425 million in investments, credit expansions and more that Becker's has reported on since the start of 2024:
  4. Imagen Dental Partners adds Florida practice
    Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Imagen Dental Partners added a Florida practice to expand its network.

How a leading DSO quickly grew to $150M in revenue and improved patient outcomes

A first-of-its-kind DSO made $150M in annual revenue & increased valuation nearly 3,000% in its first few years (during COVID, no less). This case study tells you how.
  1. Is the future of dentistry bright or dark? 3 dentists weigh in
    While technology innovations are having a positive impact on the dental industry, some dentists feel that DSO influence could have the opposite effect in the future.
  2. Former Maryland dentist to pay $8.5M in restitution for Medicaid fraud
    A former Maryland dentist was ordered to pay $8.5 million in restitution for Medicaid fraud, FOX 5 DC reported Feb. 9. 
  3. The end of 'fix it' dentistry
    Patient outcomes can continue to improve as medical-dental integration and preventive measures continue to advance, according to Saam Zarrabi, DDS.
  4. How rising costs are affecting dental accessibility
    Increasing costs in dentistry can hurt accessibility as dental practices and DSOs find it difficult to hire more staff, according to Saam Zarrabi, DDS. 

DSOs are leveraging data analytics and seeing increased engagement + growth

Data is key to accelerating DSO growth. Learn how DSO leaders are using it to navigate crises and how technology can help.
  1. 8 updates on the 3 largest DSOs
    Here are eight recent headlines on Heartland Dental, the Aspen Group and Pacific Dental Services, the three largest DSOs in the U.S., that Becker's has reported on in the past month:
  2. Dental hygienist annual income across 9 regions
    The mean annual wage for dental hygienists varied by more than $35,000 across different regions in the U.S., according to Dentalpost's Dental Salary Survey for 2024.
  3. NFL partners with 2 dental tech companies
    Ori, a dental intraoral scanning company, partnered with the Gergens Dental Lab, the NFL Players Association and the Living Heart Foundation.
  4. University of Louisville dental school dean appointed provost
    Dr. Gerry Bradley, dean of the University of Louisville (Ky.) School of Dentistry, was recently appointed executive vice president and provost of the university. 
  5. 'The administrative burden has skyrocketed': Why 2 oral surgeons joined an MSO
    Paul Boerman, DDS, would have never thought of joining a management services organization or DSO just a couple of years ago, but his views began to change as he planned for retirement. 
  6. Wisconsin's state of dentistry in 2024
    Here are 11 headlines and statistics on the state of dentistry of Wisconsin in 2024:
  7. VideaHealth sees 80% improvement in pediatric caries detection with AI algorithm
    New data from VideaHealth shows the company's new AI algorithm offers an 80% improvement in pediatric caries identification. 
  8. Average hourly wage for dental assistants by experience level
    The average hourly rates for dental assistants based on years of experience varied by more than $7 an hour, according to Dentalpost's Dental Salary Survey for 2024.
  9. Woman arrested in stabbing of dentist at Louisiana dental office
    A Louisiana woman was arrested Feb. 7 on charges of stabbing a dentist and attacking two other people at a dental office in New Orleans, reported Feb. 8. 

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