9 TikTok trends that have dentists cringing

Dental trends have taken TikTok by storm, though the trends are not always dentist-recommended.

Below are nine TikTok trends dentists are warning against:

1. DIY braces: Closing gaps with rubber bands
In a video viewed more than 9 million times, TikTok user @diana..nova said she was able to close a tooth gap in three days with hair ties.

2. Whitening teeth with magic erasers
In a viral TikTok, user @theheatherdunn explains how she uses Mr. Clean's magic erasers, traditionally used to clean household surfaces, to whiten her teeth.

3. Prosthetic teeth made with InstaMorph beads
One user suggests InstaMorph beads, which can be heated and formed into different shapes, can be used as an alternative to partial dentures. The TikTok has more than 1 million views.

4. 'Total mouth rehab'
Many young TikTok influencers are undergoing expensive "total mouth rehabs," which include veneers and crowns, to get a "Hollywood" smile.

5. 'Shark teeth'
Young influencers get their teeth shaved down to short pegs and fitted with crowns.

6. Super gluing vampire fangs to teeth
Around Halloween, many TikTok users affixed vampire fangs to their teeth with super glue.

7. Flossing with hair
TikTok users are using hair to clean in between their teeth as an alternative to traditional dental floss.

8. Shaving uneven teeth with nail files
Users are shaving down their uneven teeth with nail files.

9. Hydrogen peroxide teeth-whitening technique
An 18-year-old made a TikTok showing viewers how she whitens her teeth by applying hydrogen peroxide directly to them with a cotton swab.

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