Top 5 Unexpected Ways DSOs Are Leveraging AI

Artificial intelligence has gone mainstream. It’s revolutionizing dentistry by giving doctors and team members the ability to analyze and annotate dental X-rays in real-time, identifying potential decay, calculus, and even bone loss. 

It’s a time-saver for busy dentists both as a diagnostic aide and in case presentation. 

Here’s a quick look at the top reasons DSOs are adding AI for clinical insights, and five ways they’re leveraging the technology in ways they didn’t anticipate. 

Why DSOs Integrate AI 

  • Accuracy

“It’s our job to be as accurate as possible. If you’re going inside the tooth, you need to be confident that a cavity exists,” said Ashwin Gulati, DDS, at Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics. He uses Overjet in his practice and trains other doctors in the group on the AI technology.

“I think Overjet should be the new standard. I’m de-stressed because of Overjet. It helps make sure I’m looking at the right areas and that I have another opportunity to reassess,” he said.

  • Patient Education

“Many of our patients can’t conceptualize their condition. Then we pull up the X-rays and they see where Overjet has outlined cavities and identified significant bone loss. Their eyes are drawn to the monitor, and it helps them co-diagnose. They want to know the details. It’s a great communication tool,” Dr. Gulati said.

  • Identifying Potential Treatment Needs

In addition to being a chairside clinical tool, artificial intelligence can review data from previous visits and help identify potential treatment needs. The clinical insights surfaced by Overjet help providers plan their day and prepare for each patient more effectively.

5 Unexpected Ways to Leverage AI Across Departments

Platinum Dental Services, a group with over 25 locations, is using the data provided by Overjet in a number of ways it did not anticipate.

  • The Clinical team references the AI findings when mentoring new associates, which helps develop their confidence and skills.
  • The Call Center team reaches out to patients after doctors have confirmed the AI findings and identified them as having potential treatment needs.
  • The Administrative team can optimize the schedule after doctors have confirmed the AI findings of prior visits and identified patients who may be eligible for same-day treatment.
  • The Hygiene team can identify which patients may be due for X-rays or periodontal charting based on data the AI has analyzed in the patient charts, and who may qualify for periodontal treatment based on the AI analysis and doctors’ diagnosis.
  • The Revenue Cycle team can review reports showing patients who may have had certain procedures incorrectly coded. It can also increase its confidence in claim submissions by including images with the objective AI findings. 

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