196 dentists who made headlines in 2020

From dentists giving back to their communities to facing lawsuits to handling personal protective equipment shortages to being elected to new offices, here are the dentists that made headlines in 2020, as reported by Becker's Dental + DSO Review

  1. The American Dental Association's executive director, Kathleen O’Loughlin, DMD, said she will retire from her role at the end of 2021 after 12 years of service. 

  2. Knoxville, Tenn.-based dentist Clarence "Buzz" Nabers, DDS, who previously made headlines for improperly sterilizing dental equipment, sold one of his buildings and closed his practice located there.

  3. Five dentists who serve as state dental directors shared how their jobs have changed this year and how they have supported their states' dentists amid the pandemic: Samuel Zwetchkenbaum, DDS, Jayanth Kumar, DDS, Mona Van Kanegan, DDS, John Dane, DDS, and Russell Dunkel, DDS.

  4. Faith Barreyro, DMD, Cynthia Brattesani, DDS, and Zoe Huang, DDS, talked to the California Dental Association about their experiences leading amid the pandemic.

  5. Retired dentist Selma Pierce, DDS, died after being struck by a car in Salem, Ore.

  6. Dean Nicholas, DDS, was sworn in as 2021 president of the Chicago Dental Society.

  7. Maryland dentists Clifford Walzer, DMD, and Brian Valle, DDS, performed more than $200,000 worth of free dental procedures for five patients after their dentist surrendered his license. 

  8. Trent Jones, DMD, quit his job at an Illinois dental clinic because of mental and emotional distress he suffered after cameras placed in an employee bathroom allegedly recorded him and his coworkers.

  9. Steven Lepowsky, DDS, was appointed to a five-year term as the dean of the Farmington-based University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine.

  10. Virginia dentist Robert Keith Barbour, DMD, received a nine-month prison sentence for failing to pay nearly $600,000 in taxes. 

  11. Mark Funke, DDS, president of the Nevada Dental Association, said dental practices should be considered hard-hit businesses amid the pandemic. 

  12. Arkansas orthodontist Ben Winters, DDS, and London-based dentist Dr. Shaadi Manouchehri encouraged young people to do their research before acting on a new TikTok trend in which young influencers get their teeth shaved down to short pegs and fitted with crowns. 

  13. California prosthodontist Michael Scherer, DMD, responded to some COVID-19 survivors' speculation that tooth loss is a long-term effect of the disease, saying that gum disease is highly sensitive to hyper-inflammatory reactions. 

  14. Jerret Rosenborough, DDS, a dentist based in Dallas, was shot in an attempted robbery while leaving his dental office. 

  15. Joshua Osofsky, DMD, president of the New Hampshire Dental Society, said several patients have come to his office with compounded dental problems after delaying care because of the pandemic. 

  16. Scott Swank, DDS, will edit the American Dental Association's archival collection of dental professionals' experiences during the pandemic. 

  17. Kevin Cabugao, DDS, a dentist with three practices in California's North Bay Area, said one of his most pressing struggles is trying to afford enough PPE to protect his staff and patients. 

  18. Maine dentist Catalina Atienza, DMD, and Indiana dentist Bill Risk, DDS, shared the current biggest threats to their dental practices with Becker's.

  19. Richard Nagy, DDS, president of the California Dental Association, shared dental infection control recommendations. 

  20. Paula Crum, DDS, was sworn in as the Wisconsin Dental Association's new president. 

  21. A Florida judge dismissed a lawsuit brought against Hartford Casualty Insurance by Raymond Nahmad, DDS, in which he sought coverage for his two dental practices' loss of revenue early in the pandemic. 

  22. Tad Jackson, DMD, and other staff members at Midway (Ga.) Family Dental were credited with saving a man's life after two vehicles collided in front of the practice. 

  23. New Jersey dentist Richard Golembioski, DDS, faces up to three years in prison after failing to report more than $114,500 from his practice's income. 

  24. Five dentists were elected to the U.S. House of Representatives: Reps. Drew Ferguson, DMD, R-Ga.; Mike Simpson, DMD, R-Idaho; Paul Gosar, DDS, R-Ariz.; Brian Babin, DDS, R-Texas; and Jeff Van Drew, DMD, R-N.J. 

  25. Arizona dentist Mehran Khanbabapour, DDS, became the 600th supported owner dentist to join Irvine, Calif.-based Pacific Dental Services. 

  26. Jasmine Gear, DDS, the sole dentist at Oak Bluffs, Mass.-based Martha's Vineyard Hospital, left the practice for family reasons, which resulted in its closure. 

  27. Florida dentists Michael Starr, DMD; Gerard Cuomo, DDS; Mitchell Josephs, DDS, and Pareen Dholoo, DDS shared how they are reassuring patients their practice is safe amid the pandemic. 

  28. Oregon dentist Jim Smith, DMD, discussed his state's policy that allows dentists to administer flu shots and other vaccines. 

  29. Chad Gehani, DDS, addressed the American Dental Association's House of Delegates and reflected on his year of service as ADA president. 

  30. Daniel Klemmedson, DDS, MD, took over as the ADA's new president, succeeding Dr. Gehani and becoming the organization's 157th president. 

  31. The ADA's House of Delegates also selected its president-elect and second vice president, which are Florida dentist Cesar Sabates, DDS, and New York dentist Maria Maranga, DDS, respectively. 

  32. Elenora Woods, DDS, entered the 2021 race for mayor of Chattanooga, Tenn., saying rising from the city's housing developments to a successful dentist and community activist has primed her for the role.

  33. Michigan dentist Zainab Mackie, DDS, warned TikTok users super gluing vampire fangs to their teeth of the potential dangers they could be posing to their oral health.

  34. Arizona dentist Michael Allen, DMD, said he is witnessing a rise in cavities, citing the COVID-19 pandemic delaying routine appointments.

  35. Philadelphia dentist Cassie Gafford, DMD, spoke about how the pandemic caused her to leave her job as a practicing dentist and take care of her family full-time. 

  36. Anthony Volpe, DDS, Colgate's vice president of scientific affairs until 2013, died Oct. 8.

  37. California dentist Paul Glassman, DDS, discussed why he thinks insurance companies' fears about fraudulent teledentistry billing are unfounded. 

  38. San Diego dentist April Ambrosio, DDS, pleaded guilty to fraudulently billing insurance companies $866,700.

  39. Utah dentist Rob Page, DDS, said his practice has experienced a 50 percent decline in patient volume during September and October, citing the pandemic as the reason for the sharp decrease.  

  40. North Carolina Oral Health Collaborative Director Zachary Brian, DMD, discussed the implications surrounding the state's shortage of dentists. 

  41. Adam Schulhof, DMD, CEO of teledentistry company Grin, said the company is seeking to "disrupt the disruptors" by fighting the challenge posed to conventional dentistry by other teledentistry startups that focus more on direct-to-consumer offerings. 

  42. Former American Dental Association vice president Robert Ferris, DDS, died Oct. 1 at age 83. 

  43. Massachusetts endodontist William Arden, DDS, shared lessons he's learned in his career so far, including his thoughts on how the field could improve. 

  44. North Carolina dentist Eric Morrison, DDS, has been placed on a five-year probation by the state board after failing to keep proper patient records. 

  45. London-based dentist Dr. Reena Wadia warned TikTok users posting videos of themselves flossing their teeth with hair of the damage they may be doing to their gums.

  46. Jared French, DMD, reopened his Santa Fe, N.M.-based practice after closing for nearly two weeks when he contracted COVID-19.

  47. Connecticut dentist Abbas Mohammadi, DDS, was ordered to pay a $300,000 settlement after allegedly overbilling for services and allowing uncertified dental assistants to perform procedures they were not qualified to do.

  48. Lauren Zalay, DDS, discussed the pandemic-induced product shortages and price gouging that still make it difficult for her Chicago practice to obtain PPE. 

  49. James Nickman, DDS, became the Minnesota Dental Association's new president during the organization's recent house of delegates meeting. 

  50. Elizabeth Rojas, DDS, talked about how she is considering selling her dental practice based in Los Angeles' Van Nuys neighborhood because the activity in nearby homeless encampments has made her and her staff feel unsafe. 

  51. Florida dentist Jenna Obeng, DMD, faced a death threat from a patient unhappy with his dental insurance coverage.

  52. New York dentist Yanfang Ren, DDS, PhD, explained how his practice remained open for emergency services even when other practices had to shut down amid a statewide COVID-19 surge. 

  53. Japanese dentist Dr. Hidehiro Fujie has been affixing a camera in patients' mouths during procedures to reduce his contact with aerosols amid the pandemic.
  54. Arthur Dugoni, DDS, the first and only person in the country to have a dental school named after them while holding the position of dean, died Sept. 23 in his Palo Alto, Calif., home at age 95.

  55. Kentucky dentist Wayne Mortenson, DMD, who founded Mortenson Dental Partners with his wife, retired from the DSO.

  56. Richard Cutler, DDS, was sentenced to probation for knowingly exposing workers to asbestos when he was renovating the building he now uses for his Cheyenne, Wyo.-based practice.

  57. The man who stabbed California dentist Xuan Liu, DDS, PhD, to death in 2015 was convicted of first-degree murder.

  58. North Carolina dentist Jayme Oliveira, DDS, discussed the oral health disparities the Latinx community faces.

  59. Former Maryland family dentist Adam Slatniske, DMD, received a one-year prison sentence and must register as a sex offender after pleading guilty to a child pornography charge.

  60. Robert Zernicke, DDS, said the repeated instances of vandalism committed at his Salinas, Calif.-based cosmetic dental practice is "getting ridiculous."

  61. Minnesota dentist Daniel Allman, DDS, died after falling from a cliff over Labor Day weekend.

  62. Daniel Weaver, DDS, and Stephanie Weaver, DDS, a married couple who own a dental practice in Lake Charles, La., have been "overwhelmed" by community support as they recover their practice from Hurricane Laura-induced damage.

  63. Seth Lookhart, DMD, an Alaska dentist who extracted a patient's tooth while on a hoverboard, received a 12-year prison sentence for dozens of charges.

  64. Jane Quintana, DMD, the owner of a North Carolina dental practice with about 13,000 existing patients, filed her practice for Chapter 7 liquidation amid the pandemic.

  65. Louis Surace, DDS, a former Lockport, N.Y. pediatric dentist, will face a prison sentence of up to five years after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a girl.

  66. Texas dentist Chad Evans, DDS, and Chicago dentist Suhail Mohiuddin, DDS, warned against a viral TikTok trend in which users shave down their uneven teeth with nail files.

  67. Cleveland dentist and community activist Eugene Jordan, DDS, who once served as the president of the National Dental Association, died at age 83.

  68. Tammy Chen, DDS, wrote an article for The New York Times explaining she has seen at least one patient with a tooth fracture every day since reopening her New York City-based practice in early June.

  69. William Giannobile, DDS, a key figure in periodontal research, became Boston-based Harvard School of Dental Medicine's dean.

  70. Charles Bertolami, DDS, NYU College of Dentistry's dean, created the Task Force on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in response to a newsletter about racism on campus.

  71. Illinois dentist Brian Homann, DDS, shared the five pieces of equipment he thinks all modern dental practices should have.

  72. Los Angeles dentist Chris Strandburg, DDS, warned patients about the potential risks associated with do-it-yourself teeth-whitening trends they may see on social media.

  73. Idaho dentist Brooke Fukuoka, DMD, shared how she and her staff use teledentistry to monitor patients' oral health and guide caregivers providing preventive oral hygiene services.

  74. Utah dentist Rod Gardner, DDS, discussed his opioid misuse and journey to sobriety on the "Project Recovery" podcast.

  75. Oklahoma dentist Deren Flesher, DDS, offered free dental care to unemployed residents during October.

  76. A Florida federal judge dismissed a lawsuit in which Mauricio Martinez, DMD, alleged his insurer denied him coverage for income he lost during his Cape Coral practice's period of state-mandated closure.

  77. Minnesota dentist Kyle Edlund, DDS, was identified as the sole victim in an Aug. 20 plane crash.

  78. Colorado dentist Sheila Soroushian, DMD, shared tips for new dentists to combat feelings of burnout.

  79. New Orleans dentist Bristol Williams, DDS, used her own money to hold a voter registration drive for her community.

  80. Arizona dentist Nashid Ahmed, DDS, who received her dental degree a year ago, shared six things she wishes she learned in dental school.

  81. After spending nearly 10 months in prison, Tennessee dentist Richard "Nate" Schott, DDS, was released amid the pandemic to finish his sentence at home.

  82. Kentucky dentist Denver Tackett, DMD, pleaded guilty to healthcare fraud, admitting he performed and submitted claims for dental procedures that were not necessary.

  83. Florida dentist April Patterson, DDS, reflected on the lack of representation she has witnessed as a Black woman in the dental industry and shared how she is using her position as a successful practice owner to empower other Black women in the field.

  84. Kentucky dentist Suzanne Spencer, DMD, opened a temporary learning space for her employees' children as they begin a new remote learning school year.

  85. California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the appointment of Bay Area dentist Alicia Montell, DDS, to the Dental Board of California.

  86. Illinois dentist Yun Sup Kim, DDS, was ordered to serve 12 months and one day in federal prison for defrauding Illinois Medicaid via a yearslong false reimbursement scheme.

  87. Rena D'Souza, DDS, PhD, was named as the next director of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

  88. Jeffrey Mathews, DDS, a Nashville, Tenn.-based dentist arrested for throwing a house party and violating public health orders, entered a guilty plea.

  89. Richard Byrd, DDS, a Virginia dentist who was the subject of a news station investigation after a whistleblower alleged unsanitary conditions, was ordered to pay $5,000 to the Virginia Board of Dentistry.

  90. Connecticut dentist Ean James, DMD, was ordered to pay $149,000 in a settlement related to claims he submitted to the state's Medicaid program for administering anesthesia to patients after his permit had expired.

  91. California dentist Shervin Molayem, DDS, said he believes gum disease patients with high levels of inflammation are more likely to suffer severe complications if infected with COVID-19.

  92. New York dentist Robert Raimondi, DDS, claimed that frequently wearing a face mask could lead to gum disease in individuals who maintained good oral health before the pandemic.

  93. Dallas dentist Richard Malouf, DDS, was ordered to pay roughly $16.5 million by the state of Texas for violating its Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act.

  94. The president of the Orange County (Calif.) Dental Society, Ramesh Gowda, DDS, refuted a local city councilwoman's comments that wearing masks can cause serious dental issues, saying, "There is no scientific basis for that."

  95. Jan Kippax, DMD, accused the Maine Board of Dental Practice of pursuing "a relentless course to publicly tarnish" his reputation for years.

  96. John Kiang, DMD, the Rhode Island Dental Association's vice president, discussed his worries as Rhode Island practices continue to face uncertain personal protective equipment inventories.

  97. James Crall, DDS, chair of the Division of Public Health and Community Dentistry at the University of California-Los Angeles, projected a widening in oral health disparities amid the pandemic.

  98. California dentist Kami Hoss, DDS, penned a book and songs to ease patient fears amid the pandemic.

  99. New Jersey dentist Richard Boguslaw, DMD, was found dead in his swimming pool, apparently falling in after suffering a head injury.

  100. Georgia dentist Heavenly Kimes, DDS, performed free oral surgery for Miracle Boyd, an 18-year-old activist whose front teeth fell out after she was struck in the face by a Chicago police officer during a protest.

  101. Michael Davis, DMD, discussed the personal protective equipment cost surges and shipment delays that have plagued his Spokane, Wash.-based dental practice since it reopened its doors amid the pandemic.

  102. Jeffrey Okeson, DMD, was named as the new dean of the Lexington-based University of Kentucky College of Dentistry.

  103. Alaska dentists Kevin Gottlieb, DDS, Thomas Kovaleski, DDS, and Clay Crossett, DMD, were fired after their practice conducted an investigation of their record falsifications.

  104. Chicago dentist Ogbonna Bowden, DDS, rolled out a mobile dentistry service that provides children on the city's South Side with free exams, screenings and cleanings.

  105. Massachusetts dentist Donald LeClair, DMD, discussed the financial struggles he is facing as he operates his practice amid the pandemic, saying "it is horrific."

  106. Houston-based pediatric dentist Piya Gandhi, DDS, has seen more patients with cavities than before and believes it may be tied to wearing face masks.

  107. Florida dentist Tara Griffin, DMD, has implemented a long list of procedural changes since her Panama City Beach-based practice reopened its doors for nonemergency care, including ozone therapy and an emotional support dog.

  108. Virginia dentist Brandon Allen, DDS, witnessed his community raise over $30,000 to help rebuild his dental office after it was damaged by violence that erupted alongside Richmond protests addressing racism and police brutality.

  109. Leo Rouse, DDS, received the American Dental Association's highest honor when he was named the 2020 recipient of its distinguished service award.

  110. A Missouri appeals court upheld a $2.5 million verdict against Thomas O'Keeffe, DDS, who drilled into a woman's tongue.

  111. Texas dentist Dunia Korous, DDS, found her Solea laser to be an important infection control tool for her Frisco-based practice.

  112. Mark Funke, DDS, president of the Nevada Dental Association, assured Nevadans it is safe to visit the dentist during the pandemic.

  113. Guy Gross, DDS, and Kate Gross, DDS, encouraged local high school and college students to apply for a scholarship to the Leadership and Educational Advancement Program Week through their Kansas dental practice’s scholarship fund.

  114. North Carolina dentist Callan White, DDS, discussed how dentists in the state are not being regularly tested for COVID-19.

  115. Jeffrey Goldberg, DDS, and Michelle Augello, DDS, claimed stress related to the pandemic has led to a rise in teeth grinding and migraines.

  116. Indiana dentist Elizabeth Simpson, DMD, encouraged dentists to ask themselves "the hard questions" about racial health and income disparities.

  117. Three Virginia dentists, Gary Hartman, DDS, Arnold Berger, DMD, and Paul Berger, DMD, agreed to pay $30,000 to settle allegations that they violated the Controlled Substances Act.

  118. Ali Barbarawi, DDS, owner of Minneapolis-based Chicago Lake Family Dental, is working to rebuild his dental practice that was burned down amid the unrest that erupted alongside citywide protests against systemic racism and police brutality.

  119. Boston dentist Benjamin Polan, DMD, discussed how he is treating "10 weeks' worth of serious problems" amid his office's reopening.

  120. Fotinos Panagakos, DMD, PhD, was named the interim dean at Morgantown-based West Virginia University School of Dentistry.

  121. Pennsylvania dentist Robert Scott, DMD, experienced a car crashing into his dental practice for the second time.

  122. Ohio dentist Rajiv Taneja, DMD, discussed his experiences reopening his practice, including patient volume and attitudes.

  123. New Hampshire dentist Peter Arsenault, DMD, donated his emerging surgical mask company's entire stock to front-line workers.

  124. Connecticut dentist Rawa Hassan, DDS, reached an $82,500 settlement with the state for overcharging dental procedures and filing claims for operations she never performed.

  125. Florida pediatric dentist Staci Suggs, DDS, added a $10 fee to patient bills to cover the cost of the personal protective equipment needed to operate safely amid the pandemic.

  126. Wisconsin dentist Frederick Kriemelmeyer, DDS, was sentenced to six years in prison for tax evasion.

  127. C.J. Henley, DMD, hired a teacher to instruct his staff's children four days a week at his Jacksonville, Fla.-based practice.

  128. Texas dentist Mark Porter, DDS, defended his practice's $10 COVID-19 surcharge, citing the need to purchase additional personal protective equipment.

  129. Wisconsin dentist Christopher Kania, DDS, received three years' probation for using his employees to fill oxycodone prescriptions for his own use.

  130. Steven Stacey, DDS, shared his frustrations regarding New York's failure to provide dentists with clear guidance on how to approach reopening their practices.

  131. Jessica Meeske, DDS, discussed how she successfully handled her rural Nebraska pediatric practice's closure and reopening.

  132. Florida dentist Craig Spodak, DMD, detailed his practice's decision to give first responders free dental care during the pandemic.

  133. Colorado dentist Ken Gasper, DDS, joined Denver-based DSO Espire Dental, marking the first dental group acquisition during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  134. Wisconsin dentist Frederick Prehn, DDS, discussed the nonstop patient flow in his office since reopening for elective procedures.

  135. Massachusetts dentist Ryan Lee, DDS, answered a call to National Guard active duty to lead the rollout of more than 30,000 COVID-19 tests to the state's most vulnerable residents.

  136. Michigan dentist Seth Vruggink, DDS, shared concerns of the potential public health crisis that could arise if the state further delays routine dental care.

  137. Indiana dentists Jeffrey Mader, DDS, and Daniel Klauer, DDS, were excited to resume elective procedures, despite new processes and regulations to protect patients and staff from COVID-19.

  138. Massachusetts dentist Abe Abdul, DMD, developed Dental Cupid, an online directory that matches patients with dentists and helps individuals avoid hospital emergency rooms amid the pandemic.

  139. Georgia dentist Ann Linton, DDS, detailed financial challenges and difficulty obtaining personal protective equipment as her practice reopens.

  140. Alaska Board of Dental Examiners President David Nielson, DDS, explained the possible effects that mandated COVID-19 testing could have on dentistry.

  141. Nebraska dentist Justin Dworak, DDS, discussed the reopening process under new guidelines amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  142. David Crandell, DDS, a Michigan dentist, discussed staffing challenges and closing his office to routine dental care amid the pandemic.

  143. Natasha Lee, DDS, was appointed to California's Economic Recovery Task Force by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

  144. Liana Tremmel, DDS, a Chicago-area dentist, voiced her frustration after being denied a Paycheck Protection Program loan as chain restaurants received millions of the aid dollars aimed at saving small business owners.

  145. Phil Cai, DDS, experienced about a 90 percent drop in business at McLean, Va.-based CAI Dentistry, though he said the emergency patients he is still treating seem happy to leave the house.

  146. Frank Henrich, DDS, a dentist in Tulsa, Okla., asked for donated sleep apnea machines to create respirator masks for front-line healthcare workers.

  147. Gary Moore, DDS, a dentist in Colorado Springs, Colo., created negative air pressure rooms in his dental office so he can see patients.

  148. Christopher Bereznak, DDS, received a nearly nine-month sentence for eight counts of unlawful drug distribution through illegitimate prescriptions, had his license suspended and was fined $5,000.

  149. David Baker, DDS, of Implant and Periodontal Clinic in Bellingham, Wash., had patients undergo a COVID-19 test before they are treated for emergency care.

  150. Leanne Tessandori, DDS, started a petition urging Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to allow dentists to use teledentistry to screen and triage patients during the COVID-19 crisis.

  151. Walter Machowski, DMD, said some dentists were still performing routine work amid the early pandemic and expressed worry about a lack of mandated action.

  152. Chad Carpenter, DDS, had to shut down all dental locations and laid off all but three employees, but still saw emergency patients during the early pandemic.

  153. Kory Kirkegaard, DDS, used the 3D printer at his practice to create nasal swabs for COVID-19 tests.

  154. Alisa Kauffman, DMD, handed out free masks for weeks.

  155. Bianca Velayo, DMD, took to Instagram to remind patients what constitutes a dental emergency and to avoid unnecessary emergency room trips amid the pandemic.

  156. Erin Shope, DMD, treated an infant with a cleft lip and palate by offering drive-thru services amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  157. Sean Stannard, DDS, reevaluated what is considered emergency dental care.

  158. Hannah Naeger, DDS, helped a patient fix his own filling using email and video amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  159. Colleen Lam, DMD, a Chinese American dentist based in Atlantis, Fla., experienced adverse reactions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  160. Steven Huber, DDS, of Jefferson City, Mo.-based Huber Orthodontics, died from COVID-19 April 3.

  161. Briana Oller, DDS, of Glen Carbon, Ill.-based Simply Smiles, recovered after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

  162. Juan Chavez, DDS, pleaded with patients to visit dental practices for emergency care rather than go to an emergency room.

  163. Jaewoo Cho, DDS, a recent dental graduate, anticipated devastating financial blows due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  164. Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Dean Cecile Feldman, DMD, urged dentists to volunteer at healthcare facilities across New Jersey in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

  165. In the wake of a shortage of N95 masks, Mark Causey, DDS, used his orthodontic office to 3D print substitute masks.

  166. Judith Fisch, DDS, collected personal protective equipment to give to frontline healthcare providers.

  167. Kyle Dumpert, DDS, said he felt “blindsided” by a health department’s decision to order all dental practices to end emergency visits unless their facility meets certain guidelines.

  168. Albert Bozart, DDS, had his license revoked by the state dental board for incompetence and malpractice in the care of 19 patients.

  169. Dallas-based Jefferson Dental & Orthodontic named Ankoo Raina, DMD, chief dental officer.

  170. Chicago-based Elite Dental Partners announced that it has hired Adam Burr, DDS, to serve as its chief dental officer.

  171. R.J. Carpenter, DDS, the sole practitioner at his Sun Prairie, Wis.-based dental office, discussed current dental competition and weighed the pros and cons of joining a dental service organization.

  172. Michael Wasson, DMD, is offering COVID-19 screenings in an attempt to raise awareness and ease concerns about the virus.

  173. Jesse Varoz, DDS, and Greg LoPour, DDS, claimed the cost of certain products used at their practices have increased between 25 percent to 50 percent since the COVID-19 outbreak went global.

  174. Pennsylvania dentist David Palo, DDS, agreed to enter a pretrial diversion program and pay nearly $47,000 to avoid ongoing prosecution for alleged healthcare fraud in federal court.

  175. Frederick Kriemelmeyer, DDS, was convicted on four counts of tax evasion.

  176. In a letter to the Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners, Neil Woods, DDS, voluntarily surrendered his license.

  177. Aspen Dental appointed Sundeep Rawal, DDS, to serve as senior vice president of implant support services.

  178. Illinois dentist Peter Glatz, DDS, left his private practice to begin a career as a line cook.

  179. The Vermont Board of Dental Examiners revoked the license of William McDonald, DMD, for using improperly sterilized instruments and a history of unprofessional conduct.

  180. Residents of Glen Dale, W.Va., debated whether to allow Heather Taylor, DDS, to remodel a vacant building for use as a dental office.

  181. Bettie McKaig, DDS, who served as the first female president of the International College of Dentists in 2019, died Feb. 3 at age 70.

  182. John Phillips, DDS, of 29th Street Dental Care in Chickasha, Okla., offered patients free care Feb. 28.

  183. Julie Hotz-Sudekum, DDS, who practices in Sunset Hills, Mo., provided patients with Down syndrome free dental care Feb. 13 as part of "Give Back Thursday."

  184. Bradley Seyer, DDS, was sentenced to 18 months in prison and ordered to pay a $50,000 fine after pleading guilty to Medicare fraud and illegally prescribing narcotics.

  185. John Vecchione, DDS, agreed to a five-year suspension after being tied to 15 bacterial heart infections since 2013, including a case that resulted in a patient dying from surgery complications.

  186. Florida Dental Association President Rudy Liddell, DDS, supported a bill that would allow out-of-state dentists to practice in underserved public health areas rather than introduce dental therapists.

  187. The Wyoming Supreme Court demanded Clyde Stock, DDS, pay around $14,000 after the state bar association found that he wrongfully practiced law.

  188. Florida dentist Veronica Thompson, DDS, fought to keep her license after a patient receiving a dental cleaning died in her care.

  189. Phillip Devore, DDS, former leader of the UNLV Dental Faculty Practice, allegedly billed patients for expensive surgical tooth extractions three times more often than simple extractions.

  190. The American Dental Association gave Loree Bolin, DDS, its 2020 Humanitarian Award for improving quality of life and oral health in the U.S. and abroad.

  191. South Carolina dentist Preston Poole, DMD, provided $10,000 in free dental services to a local veteran for a full dental makeover.

  192. Florida dentist Adam Beno, DMD, said he hopes to improve patient experience by using virtual reality tools instead of sedation.

  193. Kentucky dentist Mark King, DMD, donated all of his dental practice's earnings from a two-week period to Australian bushfire relief.

  194. Bingham Farms, Mich.-based Timothy Kosinski, DDS, saw 16 patients for his program that teaches others his dental implant techniques.

  195. Oklahoma dentist Jacob Whitney, DDS, surprised a high school student expecting a wisdom tooth extraction with a car instead.

  196. Prananthi Reddy, DDS, agreed to pay $150,000 to settle allegations that she mishandled opioids at her Morrisville, Pa. dental practice.

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